I am running to be the next Area 4 Trustee on the San Mateo County Board of Education in the November 3, 2020 countywide, at-large election because I believe that we can improve educational outcomes through student-centered, interagency collaboration that prioritizes equitable opportunities, inclusivity and accountability throughout San Mateo County for all students. My campaign is based on my lifelong passion for Education and my personal experiences navigating equity and opportunity in our public school systems for myself and my children.

I have always loved school, as far back as I can remember; however, we moved frequently when I was young, and I attended a different school every year until the 5th Grade when we settled in Truckee, CA. We then moved to San Francisco when I was a sophomore in high school. Despite this transiency, I enjoyed my teachers and their excitement for teaching, and I decided in the 4th grade that I would become a teacher.

In college I majored in Elementary Education and Psychology, and after completing training in a dozen classrooms in New York, I was hired to teach kindergarten in the South San Francisco Unified School District (SSFUSD) in 1994. I truly enjoyed teaching, but my passion for policy lead me to apply to law school and I completed my law degree at U.C. Hastings and was admitted to the California Bar in 2001. My law practice is based upon a teaching and learning paradigm, as my goal each day is to share knowledge to help companies and their leaders become increasingly independent in navigating their participation in contractual, compliance and governance issues.

As a current parent, attorney, avid community volunteer, San Mateo County Disabilities Commissioner & San Mateo County Board of Education Personnel Commissioner AND as a former teacher, PTA leader & SMFCSD Board Trustee, I have acquired multiple perspectives on the complexity and extreme importance of working collaboratively, building a shared knowledge of resources, and a having proactive and open mindset for the success of all students.

I believe that a countywide shared focus and plan of action to address the needs of all students is the only way to impact our longstanding Achievement Gap. As they say - it takes a village. We must acknowledge societal inequities (whether based on race, socioeconomics or perceptions of ability), we must hold high expectations for the success of all students every day, and we must work together and be accountable for improving outcomes for all kids.

I am excited for this campaign and the opportunity to engage with families, community members and current leaders in our County to learn about present accomplishments, concerns and hopes for the educational and lifelong success of all students in San Mateo County into the future.

"Chelsea brings knowledge and passion to her education advocacy that is to be admired." -- Lisa Diaz Nash

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