I am running to be the next Area 4 Trustee on the San Mateo County Board of Education in the November 3, 2020 countywide, at-large election because I believe that we can improve educational experiences and outcomes in our County.

My 2030 Vision for Education in San Mateo County

  • All students in San Mateo County will have access to an outstanding public education that meets their individual needs and prepares them for success in life.
  • Educational systems, processes and finances will be transparent and will be efficiently implemented.
  • We will hold high expectations for the success of all students.
  • We will identify and prioritize effective actions to improve outcomes for all students.
  • Students with disabilities and special needs will be welcome and included in many more school communities and general education classrooms than they currently are.
  • Teachers, staff and administrators will seek long-term positions throughout San Mateo County and will be supported to grow as professionals as they help students find their passions in current educational settings and future professions.

Why am I running for a Seat on the Board of Education?

I am running for a seat on the Board of Education because as a parent, an attorney, an active community volunteer, a San Mateo County Disabilities Commissioner & a San Mateo County Board of Education Personnel Commissioner, I know that education matters. As a former teacher, a PTA leader & a School Board Trustee in the San Mateo-Foster City School District, I know that education matters.

Education matters because excellent schools are the basis of vibrant and thriving communities. Education develops engaged citizens. Education is essential in nurturing self-sufficiency and responsibility. Education and innovation are symbiotic and essential for progress. Education drives community development and productivity. Education creates opportunities and goals. Education generates community interaction. Education is a protected right, and we have a responsibility to ensure that it is delivered to our students in a way that (as the vision for my own District says) allows them to live, lead and learn with integrity and joy.

I am excited for this campaign and the opportunity to engage with families, community members and current leaders in our County to improve and support the educational success of all students in San Mateo County into the future.

"Chelsea brings knowledge and passion to her education advocacy that is to be admired." -- Lisa Diaz Nash

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