I am running to be the next Area 4 Trustee on the San Mateo County Board of Education in the November 3, 2020 countywide, at-large election because education impacts every facet of our community, and the County Board of Education serves a critical role in ensuring the longterm success of our entire County.

I promise to prioritize the success all students and to advocate and collaborate for change with local agency leaders in our County, in Sacramento, and in D.C. to work toward viable solutions to longstanding issues impacting educational outcomes in San Mateo County.

As a parent of 2 boys (now 11 & 15), an attorney, an active community volunteer, a San Mateo County Disabilities Commissioner & a San Mateo County Board of Education Personnel Commissioner and as a former teacher, a PTA leader & a School Board Trustee in the San Mateo-Foster City School District, I know that education matters.

Education and excellent public schools are the core of San Mateo County and of each community within it. Education is a right, and it is essential in nurturing independent, engaged and responsible citizens. Education is also essential for community health and economic productivity across our County and beyond. 

I am excited for the opportunity to engage with families, community members and leaders during this campaign to discuss ways to support and improve educational opportunity and student success throughout San Mateo County into the future.

"Chelsea brings knowledge and passion to her education advocacy that is to be admired." -- Lisa Diaz Nash

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