Chelsea is proud to have the following Endorsements:


"Sequoia District Teachers Association is excited to support Chelsea Bonini for San Mateo County Office of Education Board of Trustees. Chelsea has shown us that she is committed to making public education the best option for all students. Her commitment to the students of San Mateo County, and to ensuring that public money continues to support their needs, is the type of leadership we need to see us through these uncertain times."


Tom Torlakson, Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction


Delaine Eastin, Former California Assemblymember, State Superintendent of Public Instruction & Gubernatorial Candidate

Sandra Lowe, DNC Member, former CTA Political Director

Josh Becker, Public Policy Innovator, Educator and November 2020 Candidate for CA Senate, District 13

Hene Kelly, Educator, California Democratic Party Regional Director & Chair of the CADEM Disabilities Caucus

Derek Devermont, Disabilities Advocate, Educator & DNC Member

Maurice Goodman, San Mateo County Community College District, Trustee

Richard HoloberSan Mateo County Community College District, Trustee

Karen Schwarz, San Mateo County Community College District Trustee & Former San Mateo County Board of Education, Trustee

Paul Scannell, Former San Mateo County Office of Education, Personnel Commissioner

Rev. Dr. G. Penny Nixon, Co-Director Peninsula Solidarity Cohort

Philip Gordillo, California School Personnel Commissioners Association (CSPCA), Executive Director

Amber Childress, Alameda County Board of Education, Trustee

Craig Childress, President, San Mateo Union High School District Teachers Association (SMUHSDTA)

Edith SalvatorePresident, Sequoia District Teachers Association (SDTA)

Suvarna Bhopale, Belmont-Redwood Shores School District, Trustee

Manufou Liaiga-Anoa'i, Jefferson Elementary School District, Trustee

María Díaz-Slocum, Redwood City School District, Trustee

Carrie DuBois, Sequoia Union High School District, Trustee

Don Geddis, Hillsborough City School District, Board President

Janet LawsonRedwood City School District, Trustee

Alison Proctor, San Mateo-Foster City School District, Trustee

Nancy Kohn Hsieh, Former San Mateo-Foster City School District Trustee

Florence Wong, Burlingame School District, Trustee & San Mateo County Commission on Disabilities

Patrick Sullivan, Educator & Former AD22 Delegate to the California DSCC

Jose Gutierrez, Mountain View-Whisman School District, Trustee

Jessica Speiser, Los Altos School District, Trustee

Tiffany Maciel, City of San Jose Human Services Commission, Inclusion Collaborative 2019 Advocate of The Year, Eureka! Inclusive 

Harini Krishnan, Artist, Educator, Elected Assembly District 22 Delegate to the California DSCC & San Mateo County Arts Commissioner

Tiffanee Jones, Educator & Senate District 3 Delegate to the California DSCC

Rocsana Enriquez, Educational Parent Leader; Housing & Foster Care Justice Advocate; Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor; Innovate Public Schools, Board Member; Trauma Transformed, Co-Founder; Bay Area JusticeCorps, Team Lead.

Anthony Ramirez, Huntington Beach Union High School District, Personnel Commissioner


Rhiannon Foster (Smith), Accountant

Chloe Perez (Puno), Teacher

Clyde Sudarma, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


David Canepa, San Mateo County Supervisor, District 5

Don Horsley, San Mateo County Supervisor, District 3

Dave Pine, San Mateo County Supervisor, District 1

Ligia Andrade Zúñiga, MPA, Disability/Civil Rights Advocate & San Mateo County Commission on Disabilities

Krista Martinelli, San Mateo County Commission on Disabilities, Attorney & Former South San Francisco City Clerk

Angela Piazza, San Mateo County Commission on Disabilities

Nancy Reyering, San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner

Adonica Shaw, Former San Mateo County Health Care for the Homeless/Farmworker Health Program (HCH/FH), Board Member

Shanta "Shay" Franco-Clausen, Board of Directors, District 5 at Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority


Richa Awasthi, Foster City Councilwoman

Sanjay GehaniFoster City Councilmember

Sam Hindi, Foster City Councilmember

Catherine Mahanpour, Mayor of Foster City

Bob Fitzgerald, Former Mayor of Foster City

Diana Reddy, Redwood City Councilmember & San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee Member

Regina Wallace-Jones, Mayor of the City of East Palo Alto 

Ann Schneider, City of Millbrae Councilwoman

John Ebneter, City of San Mateo Planning Commissioner & Community Activist

Mark Brown, Former Mayor Town of Truckee

Lori Decter Wright, Tulsa City Councilor, District 7 & fellow Lick-Wilmerding High School Alum

Kirsten Keith, Former Mayor of Menlo Park

Karen McCormick, San Mateo Public Library Foundation, Board Member

Alex Melendrez, City of San Bruno Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Assembly District 22 Delegate to the California DSCC & Housing Advocate

Lisa Diaz Nash, City of San Mateo Library Board Trustee & Measure S Oversight Committee Member

Jenni Veitch-Olson, City of Watsonville Planning Commission, Chair

Noemi Torres, Public Facilities Commissioner, City of West Hollywood & Candidate for City Council


Leora Tanjuatco Ross, Housing Advocate & President of the Peninsula Democratic Coalition

Zack Ross, Past President, Peninsula Democratic Coalition

Pam Salvatierra, Executive Director, Santa Clara County Democratic Volunteer Center

Victoria Sanchez De Alba, Elected Assembly District 22 Delegate to the California DSCC & San Mateo County Health Care for the Homeless/Farmworker Health Program (HCH/FH), Board Member

Emy Thurber, Former California Democratic Party Regional Director

Stacey Ashlund, Special Education Advocate (Palo Alto)

Lisa & Jim Azar, Community Volunteers (San Mateo)

Diana Blank, Disabilities and Special Education Advocate (San Mateo)

Jennafer Carson, Educator & Community Advocate (San Mateo)

Joan Cassman, Attorney & Community Advocate (San Mateo)

Alysse Castro, Executive Director at San Francisco County Office of Education

Bill Collins, Community Advocate (Pacifica)

Esther Conrad, Housing Advocate & Community Organizer (San Mateo)

Cynthia Cornell, Founder of Burlingame Housing for All (Burlingame)

Laura Croft, Attorney (San Mateo)

Steven Davis, Education and Disabilities Activist & Co-Founder/President of Not Without Us (San Mateo)

Michael Duncheon, Assembly District 22 Delegate to the California DSCC

Karyl EldridgeCommunity Advocate & Co-Founder of One San Mateo (Burlingame)

Matt Feuer, Educational Equity Advocate (San Mateo)

Kevin Fiddner, Teacher, San Mateo-Foster City School District (Redwood City)

MaryAnn Fitzgerald, Active Community Volunteer (Foster City)

Alexandra Gillen, Educational Equity Advocate (San Mateo)

Jordan Grimes, Housing Advocate & Community Organizer (San Mateo)

Trudi & Otto Hofmann, Residents of Millbrae

Lorri Holzberg, VP of Programming, Peninsula Democratic Coalition (Menlo Park)

Denise Iskander, Education Advocate & former Fiesta Gardens Homeowners' Association Board Member (San Mateo)

Joe Iskander, Former San Mateo National Little League Board Member (San Mateo)

Regina Islas, Former Elected Assembly District 22 Delegate to the California DSCC

Cristina Koukis, Principal at Superior Staffing (San Mateo)

Uma Krishnan, Student & Elected Assembly District 22 Delegate to the California DSCC

Sandra Lang, Community Advocate (Burlingame)

Alexis Lewis, Community Advocate (Foster City)

Christine Liu, Attorney & fellow U.C. Hastings Alum (Class of 2001)

Olga Mack, QuantStamp, VP of Strategy

Michael R. Marron, Retired Trial Attorney & Mediator

Renjit Matthew, Housing Advocate & Community Organizer (San Mateo)

Jenny McPherson, Education and Disabilities Activist & Advisory Board of snkids.org (San Mateo)

Ian McCullough, Education Advocate (San Mateo)

Sallye McKenzie, Administrator of Coastside United for Action, Indivisible & Former Elected Assembly District 22 Delegate to the California DSCC

Ted McKinnon, Elected Assembly District 22 Delegate to the California DSCC

Anastasia Morrison, Parent & Professional (Redwood City)

Julie Neale, Founder of MothersQuest (San Mateo)

David Pollack, School Funding Activist & Community Organizer (San Carlos)

Andrew Radin, Community Organizer

Diane & Joe Rolfe, Community Activists (Palo Alto)

Elsa Schafer, Healthcare Activist (Menlo Park)

Barbara Sibley, School & PTA Leader (San Mateo)

Aileen Snodgrass, San Mateo Community Leader & Educator (San Mateo)

Christopher Sturken, Community Organizer & Housing Advocate 

Maxine Terner, Community Advocate & former City of San Mateo Planning Commissioner

April Vargas, Community Advocate

John Woodell, Community Advocate (Menlo Park)

*Titles are for identification purposes only.


Goal: 30 endorsements

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