Governor Newsom Proposes Defunding of California's Youth Prison System

The impacts of defunding systems for our youth, whether it be schools or our juvenile justice system, are of serious concern...especially for kids who are already marginalized and have not historically been served well by our systems. #ReThinkBudgetCuts #ConsiderKidsFirst#InequityWasRampantPreCovid #BeAllInForOurKids⚖️💙🎓

“Guzman — who spent six years at the California Youth Authority—said the state juvenile justice system now offers judges an alternative to having youth transferred to the adult system.

Under current state law, youthful offenders can remain in the state’s juvenile lockups until age 25 if a judge finds that they can benefit from the rehabilitative services it offers. Under the governor’s plan, as Guzman reads it, some youth would be sent straight to adult prisons after turning 18.

“We’re throwing them to the wolves in the name of a balanced budget,” Guzman said.”

See Article re Defunding of Youth Prison Systems


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