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CEA is a Statewide education organization dedicated to prioritizing the education of All Learners in California and partnering with other Statewide organizations (such as CSBA, CCBE, ACSA, CSEA, CTA, CFT, and more) to build the knowledge of Educators & Leaders around the laws, rights, responsibilities, systemic gaps, biases, and needs for improvement in educating students with disabilities in our schools in order to create more opportunity for success and better outcomes.
CEA's mission is to make it easier for Educators and Leaders to know more so that they can do more to move effective policies forward, to put better practices into action & to help ensure accountability for educating All Learners.
We are building momentum Statewide!
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New Grading Guidance from CDE

SACRAMENTO—State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond announced today the release of guidelines that address grading student progress and the ongoing issue of equity in distance and hybrid learning environments. Resources that support local control are included in the new guidance, allowing schools to make the best decisions for their respective student populations.

“As the majority of California’s public schools continue to respond to distance learning needs, we should reflect on how student progress is measured and consider how to shift to more equitable grading systems and policies, whether the instructional setting is in-person, virtual, or hybrid,” Thurmond said. “This is an opportunity to make a significant change.”

The new guidance includes research-based approaches to grading that may be especially helpful if students are not in class and access to technology and learning supports may be unequal. These include replacing grading quantities, such as the extent to which students have completed assignments, with grading qualities in student work that reflect students’ current achievement level at the time, and using flexibility in timing the collection of evidence for grading decisions so students are graded on the learning they do, not when they do it.


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