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Chelsea Announces her Candidacy 4/30/17!

I have officially announced that I am running for SAN MATEO CITY COUNCIL in November 2017!
My primary goal in running is to support policy in San Mateo to maintain a diverse & thriving community for ALL residents.
I will support:
Community-centric housing & transportation solutions for all;
A thriving business community & dependable tax base;
Strong connections and collaboration with the School Board & other local government entities in our Bay Area region & at the State level;
Community safety, health & wellness; and
Well-maintained, safe, state of the art infrastructure & facilities.
Be on the lookout for more information and opportunities to help with my campaign!!


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John Kevranian Congratulations! You got my support.

John Hendrickson Good luck, Chelsea!

Rumdoul L. Villegas I'm right behind you, Chelsea! You are so devoted which makes you the perfect person for this position. All the best!

Laurel Kane Congratulations!~!~!~!

Lori Decter Wright Go, Chelsea!!!!

Michelle Haynes Pauling And, as you know, I support you, fully! Xoxo

Katherine Welch Wooooo hooooo! So exciting!

Nita Mott 👏👏👏👍👍👍

Nancy Kohn Hsieh You have my support, Chelsea! Goes without saying that I'll miss you on the school board, but I know that your contributions as a city council member will be as valuable as they are as a school board trustee 😊

Jaime Powley Dal Porto Excellent!

Gennie Bruce Gorback You've got my vote!

Pamela O'Leary #ImWithHer

Jeff Ballard Very exciting!

Selina Shek Exciting Chelsea!!

Jen Salles-Mcpherson That's awesome! Let me know if you need anything!

Joy Grotsky Rigdon Way to go. Thank you for supporting so many important causes.

Jennifer Douglis You have my support. Thank you for all that you do!!

Laura Birch Jelniker You have my support Chelsea!!! You are amazing and so dedicated to all students in San Mateo.

Lori Christensen Admirable endeavor!! We need more women in government! You go! Congrats and Good luck!👍🏼

Pam Rubin Seligman The future is, indeed, female! Go get 'em!

Carrie Du Bois San Mateo will be lucky to have you Chelsea. We were so lucky to have your spirit and energy on the San Mateo County School Boards Association.

Cynthia Janson Nessel Your awesome!

Jimmy Wong 👍

Chelsea Bonini for San Mateo City Council 2017 FPPC ID#1397129 (updated 6.21.17)
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