Representing San Mateo County

As the newest member of the San Mateo County Board of Education (officially representing Area 4, but dedicated to serving constituents and students Countywide), I am honored to join a dedicated group of County leaders.

I am deeply committed to the Mission, Vision and Goals of the San Mateo County Office of Education and the Board of Education, as follows:

Mission, Vision, and Goals

The San Mateo County Office of Education began its strategic planning process in 2016, when it developed its current mission and vision of Excellence and Equity in Education. In 2019, it updated its strategic plan to include five core practices and four goals to achieve its mission and vision.


  • Inspiring students
  • Investing in teachers
  • Invigorating leaders
  • Involving communities


  • Excellence and Equity in Education
  • Every Student | Every Teacher | Every School

Core Practices

  • Growth Mindset: believing that everyone can learn, grow, and move the organization forward
  • Cultural Humility: holding a humble and respectful attitude toward individuals of other cultures that pushes one to challenge their own cultural biases and approach learning about other cultures as a lifelong goal and process
  • Trauma-Informed: adopting principles and practices that promote safety, empowerment, healing and shared responsibility for all
  • Sustainability: ensuring SMCOE and schools countywide meet the needs of present and future students through practices that are environmentally, socially, and economically responsible
  • Accountability: taking personal responsibility to lean in, make goals, measure progress, and serve as both a leader and a positive team member

Consistent with the Mission, Vision and Goals of the SMCOE and the Board of Education, I am committed to working on the following issues:    

  • Ensuring FAPE for all students with disabilities, including:
    • Promotion of a County-coordinated initiative to address Dyslexia in all our schools;
    • Countywide outreach to ensure that stakeholders (District Board Members, Parents, Teachers, etc.) are aware of the importance of participation in the SELPA's Community Advisory Committee (CAC), a public accountability committee that advises on the budget and services provided to students with disabilities in schools countywide; and
    • Promoting transparency and local control in school funding and spending for all students, including special education funding.
  • Ensuring accountability for providing mental health supports and services for kids
    • Clearing barriers in funding mechanisms for mental health supports for children; and
    • Ensuring widespread stakeholder knowledge of all available mental health resources for students.
  • Disruption of the school-to-prison pipeline & policies underlying this trend and our juvenile justice system
    • Addressing policies and practices that sustain disproportional impacts of our current school discipline systems and school cultures (suspensions, expulsions, etc) on students of color, students with disabilities, and students identifying with other marginalized groups.
  • Countywide collaboration for more equitable funding for our Districts and workforce housingincluding:
    • Building countywide collaboration to create a dedicated source of funding for public schools;
    • Exploring support for countywide collaboration to fund facilities, housing and other educational resources; and
    • Supporting legislation to allow cross-entity collaboration for workforce housing solutions.

Prior to being elected to this role, I consistently worked to address these issues as an educator, a PTA leader, a Board Member in the San Mateo-Foster City School District, a non-profit founder, a member of Legislative and Countywide Education and Housing Advisory committees and task forces, and as a County Commissioner, and I am extremely honored to continue this work as a member of the San Mateo County Board of Education.

If you would like more information about this work or would like to share your thoughts or participate, please contact me.

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