San Mateo County Covid-19 Vaccine Updates

27 January 2021

Information shared by Louise Rogers, Chief of the San Mateo County Health System today:

  • We have updated our website with a new form for residents who would like to be notified when they are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. We continue to recommend that our residents start with their own health care providers who often have clear pathways to the vaccine and may even have their own supply (Kaiser, Sutter/PAMF, Dignity and AHMC/Seton) but we know that others who are not connected to providers will need other pathways and this form will help us reach those people. We will be able to target outreach to our residents about the pathways to the vaccine that are open to them as the State changes the eligibility criteria and vaccination options are developed.  The link to the website page that contains the link to the on-line form is:
    • This notification system is an interim strategy as the State assembles a statewide COVID-19 notification system called MyTurn, which is scheduled to launch later in February and has been posted now as a pilot site:  We believe the State system will likely be an important resource as the State increases its efforts including setting up a large statewide contractor to perform vaccinations and we have also posted the link on our website. Please note that one must use Chrome or Safari to connect with the State site.
  • Two publicly-facing dashboards are now available on our County Health website and today, they show 48,826 San Mateo County residents have been vaccinated:
    • The data is updated daily by the State in the statewide California Immunization Registry (CAIR2) that holds data on all COVID-19 vaccinations administered by healthcare entities.  We appreciate the tremendous public interest in understanding how we are doing in this critical work to achieve the fastest, safe reach possible for those eligible to be vaccinated.  Through the work of healthcare provider partners across the County, we have made great progress in reaching healthcare workers and residents and staff of long-term care facilities. The federal long-term care partnership program with Walgreens and CVS have scheduled over 90% of the 527 enrolled long-term care facilities in the County at this point. Through our partnership with Safeway Pharmacy we provided COVID vaccinations to 765 staff and residents of 6 assisted living facilities. Most recently, the three day mass clinic at the SMC Event Center, held Saturday-Tuesday, in partnership with Dignity Sequoia, resulted in vaccinations of 4,788 residents. The supply of vaccine continues to be constrained but healthcare providers are reaching the next eligible population of older adults age 65+ as vaccine supply enables. We see from the dashboard that 15,836 residents 65 and older have been vaccinated so far, which is 12% of 129,975 SMC residents age 65+.

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