SPED and ELL students overrepresented in SMCOE Court and Community Schools

In 2017, the percentage of special education students (with IEP's) in all schools in San Mateo County was 11.72%, and the percentage of students who qualified as English language learners was 23% (See 2017 SMCOE Annual Report).

The percentage of the 274 students who were served by the San Mateo County Office of Education's Juvenile Court and Community Schools during the 2018-19 school year (as of May 1, 2019) in special education students (with IEP's) was 39% - more than 300% the average number of special education students countywide, and the percentage of students who were English language learners was 60% - more than 200% the average number of English language learner students countywide.

*State data shows that students with disabilities (special education students) are TWICE as likely to be suspended and expelled from their Districts. 

I believe that we should be looking at the root causes for this overrepresentation for expelled and incarcerated youth, such as the biases underlying these data sets, whether we're failing to meet the underlying needs of students which may then result in "behaviors" we punish, potential alternatives to our primarily reactive and rigid school discipline systems & other factors that may help us to address this very clear connection to the well-documented "school-to-prison pipeline" for minority students and students with disabilities.

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