Vision 2030

My #Vision2030 for education in San Mateo County includes ensuring access to an outstanding public education for all kids & narrowing our longstanding Funding/Opportunity/Achievement/Outcome GAPS through:

  • increased efficiency, accountability & transparency of educational programs, systems and finances countywide,
  • advocacy and collaboration on countywide & regional issues,
  • ensuring widespread understanding of and diligence to all students’ constitutional and civil rights to have equal access to challenging educational opportunities in inclusive schools and classrooms in each District in San Mateo County,
  • Prioritizing actions to address institutional and implicit biases that inhibit student success in San Mateo County, and
  • strong support, communication & alliance building with teachers & staff, as trusted and respected professionals, to help ensure longterm relationships with our County's schools.

I know that we can do better for our students.

I am not satisfied with the status quo.

What is your vision for education throughout San Mateo County by 2030? What is your vision for your own community?

I would love to hear from you because we're all in this together for our kids.


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