Voter Outreach

You can help share the word about Chelsea's campaign!

We're using a great voter outreach tool called "Outreach Circle"... to join Chelsea's campaign "circle" you simply need to go to:

Once there, you can add your name, email, phone number & zip code.

You will then be able to see various voter outreach actions that the campaign creates.

You can "check-in" to the campaign & you can match your own contacts to the San Mateo County Voter File to see which of your contacts are registered to vote in our County! (No one, but you, will ever have access to your contact list... not Chelsea, not Outreach Circle, not anyone)

You can then reach out to your contacts through the tool & ask them to join Chelsea's campaign circle.

This tool is just one way we will begin a grass roots outreach effort to get Chelsea elected!

We hope you will JOIN Chelsea's Outreach Circle today!